~ Local Sermon Notes by Writer Tonja Condray Klein ~

01/24/16 = Sunday AM = THEN AND NOW COMPARISON

Romans 3:19-31
Conversion of the soul as a person through Faith

1) Without Jesus a person is Ruined
– All the world is guilty before God without Jesus Christ
– The Do-religions are false religions because Jesus is ALL
– James 1:23-25 = Mirror of who you are in the real world
– The Word shows us who we really are through God’s Truth
– Also reminds us of who GOD WANTS US TO BE INSTEAD
– God changed me inside by inserting Salvation by Jesus
– Nothing but Faith in the Blood of Jesus can save souls

2) With Jesus a person is Redeemed
– Ephesians 2:1-10 = Great Redemption Story by Faith in Jesus Christ
– The “Then” was ruined but the “Now” is redeemed by Jesus
– There is always a moment when Jesus redeems by Faith and the
experience is manifested openly
– Righteousness is NOT manifested by the Law but by Faith
– Powerful Praise Jesus for His Blood for our Faith in Him
– Nothing but Jesus makes a righteous person be Righteous
– Justified Freely – without portion, ONLY by Grace through Redemption by Faith in Jesus Christ as not guilty by HIM
– Set at Liberty by the ransom being paid by the Blood

3) With Jesus a person is Righteous
– Justified by Faith in Jesus Christ and His SACRIFICE
– Not that we can boast but that we know the Price
– Paid Faith in Jesus and His Blood to create a New Relationship
– 1 John 1:7 = Blood of Jesus cleanses us to keep us right
– We need to grow in Grace and Truth by keeping Fellowship
– 2 Peter 1:4 = Great and Precious Promises
– Partakers of the Divine Nature of God by Faith in Jesus Spiritual will come to the surface to show JESUS to ALL