Ishmael, Isaac, & Gentile Descendants Unite

“Faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ for forgiveness  and restoration is the answer for ALL of us throughout all time!” by Tonja Klein 

The fate of ALL people depends upon the Truth of the ages: Jesus Christ died for EVERYONE!

Although there is hatred rampant throughout the Earth caused by heritage, color, or creed, this hatred has been shown more readily in these past few decades than ever before. For there to be an understanding, we must delve into the history of these ongoing tumults of atrocities for the perceived justifiable cause and ingrained continuation of animosity.

The telling of the history allocated to this writing is found in the Holy Bible of Christianity and the Old Testament of Judaism. We should begin with Noah, his sons, and the Flood of judgment. Humanity in that time frame was destroyed for the evil of humanity with this judgment  by the God of Creation except for Noah, his wife, their three sons, and the son’s wives.

Their descendants can be traced forward to current established nations despite wars, plagues, interspersing of genealogies, and various religions. Ham, Shem, and Japheth had children that replenished the Earth. Noah served the God of Israel according to both the Judaic and Christian religious texts and verified histories. This would mean that the religious teachings of Judaism would have more than likely been passed onto all three sons and their families.

With the passage of time, there could have been changes in understanding for deviations from the original belief system that can be linked back to Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve. This could explain the different religions that came into being from generation to generation out of misunderstanding or refusal to follow that original belief system. One of the main changes may be the root cause of the most violent hatred in 2015.

Some genealogy histories note the following that can be verified by ethnic and national census. Ham founded the African nations that led to some in South America. Japheth founded the Greek nation that led to Rome then Europe and the Slavic nations. Shem founded the Middle East that includes what became the Arab nations and Israel.

To see how the last can be, one must go back to the patriarch in the Middle East – Abram that became Abraham. One of the main reasons for the division between the Arab nations and Israel is this father of Ishmael and Isaac. Although Ishmael was Abram’s first son, birthed by a maid servant named Hagar that served Abram’s wife Sarai. Sarai could not conceive a child at that time so she told Abram to let Hagar have his child.

That might not seem like an issue, but the Almighty God believed to be the Creator of the universe had planned the lineage to be through Sarai for a reason. He spoke to Abram and changed his name to Abraham while Sarai was renamed Sarah. God promised Abraham that Sarah would have a son that would be the one with the kingdom that would serve the Creator even though Ishmael was the first son of Abram.

This problem has continued through the centuries as the descendants of Ishmael serve a different deity than the God of Abraham. This is perhaps out of jealousy even though the God of Abraham promised Hagar that Ishmael would be blessed; Arab nations have been. The extremely militant factions of their religion of Islam have been against Israel all these centuries and are also now focusing on Christians too since we are linked to the One True Living God of Creation. This is a spiritual hatred employed by the fallen angel Lucifer that is known as Satan. This hated needs to be broken and Jesus Christ can do that if we allow forgiveness.

Although the Old Testament of Judaism is the foundation of the main Christian faith, the New Testament that began with the entrance of Jesus Christ divided the two as much as the Temple veil was rent over two thousand years ago. Even so, Christians are commanded to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. True Christians should stand with Israel. Almighty God of Creation is not through with His chosen people that are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God Almighty doesn’t want to be done with the descendants of Ishmael either, though, and hopes they will come to understand that Islam is what was created out of hatred and jealousy against the Truth that some in the Jewish nation have come to understand already – Jesus Christ is the aspect of the one True Living God of Creation who came in human form to graft any believer into His people that began with the Jewish nation. Since He’d made promises to Israel then He is bound by His Word to fulfill theirs too. 

Anyone can accept Jesus now as Savior because He shed His blood to pay for EVERY person’s sin due to the human soul-taint caused by Adam’s disobedience that is passed down through a father’s blood. After the believers in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ are all supernaturally translated off Earth, those people that remain must try to understand that the one that comes as the true messiah of Israel then is actually the anti-Christ that is the son of the fallen angel Lucifer who will also control a false prophet that may be false AI technology or a biologically altered person to create a false trinity in direct defiance of the God of the Universe. The evil trinity will take over the Middle East almost completely during the Great Tribulation that occurs after millions of Christian disappearances, but that will be explained by an “alien abduction” or some other plausible-at-the-time possibility. As technology and scientific discoveries happen or medical adaptations continue to expand, even more possibilities for rejecting the truth of what has happened could be offered. People may be shocked by the plagues and worldwide disasters that keep happening or by other things that deceive them like neural implants, false miracles, or even drugs administered in ways that are still being created.

Gentile Christians will be brought together with those of Israel and Arab nations that also accept Jesus before the Great Tribulation begins. After the disappearances happen, those left behind will have to refuse the identification/monetary system and the man who claims to be the true messiah or other god-like term during the Great Tribulation spoken of in the book of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Zechariah. Israel’s true Messiah is Jesus Christ, but He died for ALL people to integrate as many into His final nation of Faith. He will return as King like He promised Christians in their Holy Bible and Israel in their writings that founded the Christian Old Testament since it is the truth of Creation.

This promise is for ALL descendants of Ham, Japheth, or Shem – Arab, Israeli, and Gentiles all around the world which means everyone and everywhere. Jesus is for EVERY SINGLE PERSON to accept as Savior for the only Salvation from the sin-taint in every mortal person’s blood since Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden. Jesus Christ was exempt from it because He was born of a virgin for that very reason. He didn’t have the blood-taint of a mortal father because the cell of God Almighty was miraculously placed in Mary to create the mortal body of Jesus. There is no other god that can save your soul no matter what a religion tells you to do to attain it.

Jesus is the ONLY Son of God. He came in human form, lived a perfect life since there was no sin in Him, and died in every person’s place for sin to save anyone who believes in Him to make them acceptable to God Almighty. Jesus rose again to give the promise of future restoration and returned to Heaven until the last Grace Dispensation promise in Scriptures is fulfilled. Once this time is completed, Jesus will evacuate Christians and begin the next step to reclaim Israel’s faith and others that will reject the false messiah, but the next dispensation will be a time of destruction unlike any other known to mankind.

During the Great Tribulation, there will be Jewish witnesses sealed for protection. Gentiles and Arab descendants that accept Jesus will do so to not lose their souls to the son of Lucifer even though it may mean their lives. All of this will occur to fulfill promises God Almighty made to Israel since God NEVER goes against what He has promised those who serve Him and ONLY Him. Anyone that serves Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, or any other “god” or “goddess” needs to pray to the God Almighty of Judaism and of the New Testament of Christianity in the name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness and safety from the evil regime of Satan.

Please read Isaiah Chapters 1-66 (especially Chapters 53 & 54), St. John Chapters 1-21, Romans Chapters 1- 21 (especially Chapter 8), and Revelation Chapters 1-22 to begin. There are notes on the book of Revelation on this website that may give more insight. There are also more scripture suggestions, prayers, and the world situations noted that show this time is nearing us even now.

Some of the specifics of how the prophecies will be fulfilled are still not known since things are changing so quickly in so many ways. Some of the things in this essay are based on current technology, biology, geology, and sociology. Some are suppositions but the Truth of Jesus and Salvation in His name is an eternal Truth.

Whether an Ishmael, Isaac, or Gentile descendant, you need Faith in Jesus to survive the future that is approaching. Please accept Jesus and know the joy of His Salvation in your heart once He forgives you for your wrongs. Jesus will give you a heart full of Love, Peace, and Eternal Life even after this mortal body fails in this plane of existence. We must hold fast and stay strong!


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