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This page is NOT a scare tactic but a possible framework of help for the time that’s right before and even during the time known by Christian writings as the “Tribulation”. These suggestions are NOT written in stone since technology changes all the time, the political regimes crumble, and known scientific understanding degrades or even overcompensates in turns. If you haven’t watched the secular movie “Golden Eye”, you might want to see it since it gives a bold scenario that might someday play out, maybe not in the USA, but somewhere else that will be just as significant.

The main event that will kick all the changes into motion is the real disappearance of millions possibly billions of people all at once. There will be explanations given but beware of them. Once the massive group of people disappear, chaos will take over. Plane crashes, car wrecks, and mechanical failures will send this world into a jumble of fear, mistrust, and an unparalleled insanity. Due to possible rationing from the failure to transport goods, a rush on supplies may make things even worse. Try to use common sense in a time that may lead to violence.

In the United States, when snow storms and other calamities occur, people go a little loopy and try to stockpile. That craziness is NOT recommended here. What is supported is basic-needs readiness. It is always good to have bottled water, batteries for devices like flashlights and lanterns for light, and first aid kit items for colds and injuries as a precaution. Canned food that does not have to be heated is also something smart in case of electrical failure. If you can get a 3-month supply of necessary medicine legally that would be good in case pharmacies are ransacked.

The electrical failure aspect is why it is suggested to save each page of this site as a  separate document and print them out for your reference in case you can’t get online or use a computer. If you think this is crazy think about how things were when the snow storms hit the United States in mid-February 2014. Be safe!

If you read Revelation 6:1-17 you will get some idea of some of the absolutely terrifying things that WILL occur at some point. If you don’t believe it will happen, at least consider ‘what if’. The other passage of Revelation 8:11 talks of a star called “Wormwood” and this event will be catastrophic. Why is this mentioned here? Read below for current insight that is plausible.

There was a meteor scheduled to come close to Earth on  02/17/14 around 9pm EST that was being considered “potentially hazardous’ by some but would ‘fly safely by Earth’ by others. It ended up being the latter of the two. No, this wasn’t anything like “Wormwood” but since there was damage in Russia in 2013 under slightly similar circumstances, it shows how a different type meteor later could be devastating if scientific predicted trajectory would shift.

Once again, this information is NOT meant to scare but to prepare, possibly with information about the experience in Russia. Info can be found at:  If you know what may happen you can at least try to be ready with alternative means of survival that could be better than those of someone who hasn’t a clue about the severity of the situation.

It is also possible that this is a nuclear bomb released. With what has been happening surrounding Iran as of late, that is another real explanation that could also give credence to the sickness and deaths that occur. The attack in the UN against Israel to date could be the beginning of the coalition of nations that support the “leader of peace” that rises to power after the Christian disappearances occur. For now, watch the news, both secular and conservative to see the full picture, then match the happenings with the Bible prophecies mentioned in the Scripture page and the Tribulation Notes pages too. This is not to scare you but it IS to make you aware of what is happening RIGHT NOW!

Before you ignore the signs, read the Scriptures and simply COMPARE. It doesn’t take a historian, a rocket scientist, or a genius to figure out that the focus is shifting to Israel and for a very important reason. In Christian text, we are instructed to watch the fig tree for the signs of the times. Israel IS the fig tree.  Since Israel became a nation in 1948, that generation that saw this happen understands the significance in regards to the time clock this event put upon the other prophecies given and has watched and supported Israel. The U.S. and other countries need to stop placating Iran and stand with Israel, OR the final “click” of the stop watch will be pressed and the minute hand of the current Grace Dispensation watch will no longer be the timekeeper of humanity. For Christians, it would mean we would move closer or immediately be supernaturally evacuated before the new dispensation begins. For all others it would mean the beginning of the final days before the Great Tribulation, known as “Jacob’s Trouble” in the Hebrew prophecies, and is laid out in the Christian book of Revelation and other passages noted on the Scripture page. Please see the Revelation notes for hopeful clarification before this dispensation “click” is pressed. ***

The leader that will take power after the events mentioned above occur will be someone to be wary of at all costs. The ID that will be made mandatory after the disappearances will NOT be a good thing, no matter how they politically spin it. It is the hope of this site for those computer literate programmers who remain to be able to duplicate the ID in a way to allow  people to get needed food and medicine without taking the actual ID that requires a person to proclaim this leader as “god”, “messiah”, or some other title that has spiritual ties that openly denies Jesus Christ once and for all.


*** The latest tech I heard about was the digital coins in Europe. This may be another step to the final technology the false spiritual leader will force once he is given power in Jerusalem after the current government is replaced. As of now, that government is holding with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being re-elected, but things could change quickly *** 

This ID could be a microchip, a tattoo, or even some new tech we don’t know about yet – like an injection with a microchip as seen in the movie “Divergent” (which really made me raise an eyebrow and pray for the writer who may be trying to get people to see the possibility – if not, it made ME take notice). Those who refuse to accept Jesus now, PLEASE consider this situation, and if you have the tech knowledge and remain here, at least try to help others when this happens to not loose their souls as you also try to not lose yours either.

“That sounds like crazy talk!” some may say. Well, considering what this site has seen over the last six years since it was first put up, the time is getting closer. Being afraid of telling the truth and losing friends is no longer an option. NOTHING is worth losing your soul over. NOTHING OR NO ONE! That is the Truth that needs to be understood, and the anti-Christ (the “leader” in power) will do all that’s possible to cause you to not believe in what this site is telling you. PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!

Please check out the other pages. Once you read “Accept Jesus” and still refuse, please at least follow the rest of the suggestions. Save each page as a doc file. Print them off and keep them safe. Think about how spies have to protect their information. It may sound eccentric but we are entering an eccentric time that needs people who are willing to get prepared.

This site’s first hope is for people to accept Jesus as Savior so they can escape the judgement that IS coming. I know it’s been taught for two thousand years. Don’t you think it means time is getting closer since technology for tracking people so completely has gone beyond anything our ancestors could have imagined? The Bible is a LIVING BOOK which means it was written without understanding for the time but has been made clearer the closer we get to seeing these things happen. The prophesies are already coming true. Watch the news, read the Bible, and see the intricately woven strands coming together loop by loop.

My Prayer for you now is to read the pages, seek the Truth, and search your own heart. Please check back for updates. They will be noted by *** around the new text of this and other pages as time goes on. Check for updates as often as possible!

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*** All Pictures and Text except for Bible references are owned by Tonja Condray Klein and used for this info website in 2010–18 ***

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