~ Local Sermon Notes by Writer Tonja Condray Klein ~

*02/21/16 = Sunday PM = The Force of Forgiveness

Ephesians 1:7 / Hebrews 10:17
– The willingness of God to forget the sins of a person
– Our acceptance of Jesus Christ is what gives Divine forgiveness
of God the Father
– Forgiveness is as old as the Old Testament

1) The Purpose of Forgiveness
Brings our attention to the need for Salvation
– Condition of mankind = Romans 3:23
– Consequences of man’s sin = Luke 16
– Compassion of Jesus Christ = John 3:16

2) The Payment of Forgiveness
1 Peter 1:18-19 = Precious Blood of Christ is worthy of Praising
– Consider His Price
Lamb without spot or blemish in perfection for sin
Shepherds were sent to see the new kind of lamb
Isaiah 53 = Jesus didn’t speak to the high priest
– Consider His Position
Hebrews 1:2-3 = Express image of His Person
– Consider the Procedure
Luke 23:33 = Calvary was death row with criminals
Laughter and scorning of those at Jesus’ feet
Jesus asked for them to be forgiven anyway

3) The Power of Forgiveness
Colossians 1:13, 20
Legion probably became a great evangelist with proof
– Forgiveness Redeems
– Forgiveness Restores
– Forgiveness Revives

4) The Provision of Forgiveness
– Pardon Romans 8:1
– Peace John 15:27
– Promises
1) Sin remembered no more
2) Today with Him in paradise
3) John 14 = Let not your heart be troubled
Where He is, we can be also

~~ Whoever believes in Jesus will have Eternal Life ~~