~ Local Sermon Notes by Writer Tonja Condray Klein ~

02/17/16 = Wednesday PM = WHEN IN CRISIS MODE

Luke 22:31-34
Peter will be sifted but then will strengthen others later

1) Your adversary wants to sift you
– The devil will fight against you, try to separate you from Jesus,
and destroy you
– The battle will begin when you trust God and the enemy will fight
harder to stop you
– Satan will condemn you but Holy Spirit conviction will woo you to the Truth and reconciliation

2) Your personal abilities will sabotage you
– You can let self-confidence keep you from letting God help you by His Power
– Self-Confidence, prayer-less-ness, and fleshly courage will make
you fall every time
– God will strengthen you when you get alone with God and let Him  speak directly through His Word and Spirit

3) Your own actions may surprise you
– Don’t use the wrong weapon like Peter did when he used the sword and not prayer
– Wrong attitude that has no justification no matter what – Peter’s
actions surprised him but he even cursed to deny
– Guard the Gift that God has given to you and do not let ANYTHING interfere with your calling

4) Your Advocate Jesus will secure you
– You’re valuable because God loves you and nothing else you give
to Jesus matters but YOU since He gives you HIMSELF
– Remind yourself that Jesus always prays for us just like He did
for Peter
– John 17:9-20; Hebrews 7:24-25; Acts 5:41
Jesus prayed for those the Lord had and will give to Him ongoing