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!!! Be sure to read the PRAYER lower on this page between ^^^’s if you don’t read anything else on this website. The Lord Jesus Christ wants you to know Him personally through Faith !!!

This website is NOT some crazy scheme to get you to sell your property, give money to an organization, or even force you into a religious experience out of fear. None of those things will help you now or in the future. A true relationship with Jesus Christ will help make things easier to understand and offers a way to escape the “Tribulation” time before the worst comes to pass. For those who refuse to accept Jesus, this site offers information that MAY help you find a way to survive even after chaos overwhelms this entire world. It is NOT guaranteed for anyone to live long enough to make things right if you keep refusing Jesus and His love for you. TODAY is the day for Salvation by believing in Jesus Christ and the blood HE shed in YOUR place to redeem you from total destruction. It’s true now and will be as long as time goes on.

This site does NOT claim to know WHEN because NO MAN KNOWS! We are told to search the scriptures given in the Bible and compare them to the world events to know a rough timeline so we can be prepared for it. There may be 1 year left or even close to 5 or more. Just because God decides to give us more time so people can find His truth before it’s too late doesn’t mean it won’t happen sooner. Even if you don’t believe, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the possibilities so please read this site’s pages!

This site is being put up because the earthly signs point to the time getting closer, and even more so than when this site first went up in 2010. We’re told the “Tribulation” will begin either right before or soon after certain events occur. Anyone not a believer in Jesus Christ as Savior now especially needs to pay attention to the things going on around you and what the Bible says if you don’t want to be left without any hope. Those who are now believers in Jesus, HOLD FAST! We need to get even busier NOW to share the Truth with the world like never before so people won’t be left without the information that can keep them as safe as possible.

The Christian church has been preaching for over the past 2000 years that Jesus is coming back, but unfortunately some people have made those prophecies become a mockery by placing dates on them like a dark prediction, scaring people for monetary and prideful benefits. This site will NOT claim to know exact dates or even hours but will offer reasonable and intelligent conclusions that could help during those hard times as they come to pass.

This information is going to be posted so people will at least have the right knowledge so they can keep from losing their eternal souls to the greatest enemy that humanity will ever face. Future world politics, loss of power for many powerful nations, and the rise of a certain group and leader during these times will be initial indicators to what should be expected.

Please read and save these pages so you will have them. Print them out and keep them in a safe place, especially if you are in a place where Christianity will get you killed now. Just because some of us have freedom now doesn’t mean we always will. This site might be forcibly removed at some point without this owner’s permission or because of a website program issue like months ago, so keep a copy as a word processing file without need of any online connections to refer to when you need it the most!

May Jesus bless you and keep you in these trying times. Prayers have gone up and will continue for you as long as possible that you can be saved from physical and spiritual destruction. God is as close as a prayer. Jesus really is the Savior of this world… Him and Him alone. Give Him a chance to show you His love. PRAY AND BELIEVE! There are pages with more information on World events, Scripture references, and Prayer samples. Below is one complete PRAYER if you don’t want to or can’t go onto the other pages here: 

^^^ “Father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus since He is the bridge between us. I am a sinner by birth since mankind has a sin taint in our blood from our kind’s disobedience. I believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh but without the blood of an earthly father since He is one of Your aspects and was born of a woman but with God’s blood in a designed cell placed in her through miracle means. Jesus  died on the cross in my place though He was innocent, was buried in a borrowed tomb, rose again by the Holy Spirit Who is the Power aspect of God, and offered Salvation to all who believed then and all who will believe until His promised return to evacuate His people before the Great Tribulation occurs. I believe Jesus Christ returned to Heaven where right now He knows me, loves me, and is rejoicing as I accept Him as my Savior. Forgive me of my sins, Lord Jesus. Be my Savior, my God, and my King. I believe and ask for You to help me to live my life for You and reach out to help others to know You too. In the name of Jesus I pray. AMEN!” ^^^

Find a King James, New NIV, or RSV version Bible or go to http://www.blueletterbible.org/ and choose one of the versions to begin reading Isaiah 53, John 3, and Romans 8  then head to the  Scripture page for more information on what will happen and why.

The comment ability has been removed from this site due to many spammers attempting to use this bandwidth to just sell things and this site is non-profit. If you wish to ask real questions about the content or to ask for prayer, please private message Tonja Klein on Facebook. ALL the messages will be monitored for security and safety of her and this site since there are those who do not want the Truth to be known. There may be a delay in a response, but it will be given as soon as deemed possible.


*** All Pictures and Text except for Bible references are owned by Tonja Condray Klein and used for this info website (c)2010–18 ***

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